• Thrive Salon NYC

    a low-key monthly gathering for the socially curious

  • What Is Thrive Salon?

    Thrive Salon is an open invitation to the creatives, changemakers, technologists, nomads, and entrepreneurs you think we should meet. We'll have dinner, talk passions and projects, and meet those who can help. Keep an eye out for our 'questions to spark authenticity' that we hand out on sticky notes at each session!
    The force behind this event is passion, not business.
    We're here to make friends, not contacts.
    We believe everyone can teach us something.
    We are gathering to help one another do the most possible
    good with our projects, adventures, and connections.

    This is not a startup or networking meetup.

    It's an informal get-together of people seeking meaningful conversation and purpose-filled action in their lives.

    We hope to help you find it here.

    PS - We have a Facebook group!

  • Event & Venue Details

    Date: TBD

    Location: Hudson Eats food court at Brookfield Place

    225 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10281

    Here's a 15-second glimpse of where to go once you're inside: https://instagram.com/p/47uYUnL49-/

  • Meet Your Host

    Steve Dean

    Steve is an NYC-based superconnector who spends his days coming up with new events, tools, and technologies for connecting people to the individuals and things that will most help them thrive.

    Learn more @ http://dateworking.com

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